A Potent Dose of Tarot

Magic Mentha

Tarot Readings

If you've never had a tarot reading, then there's no need to be intimidated! Not even remotely creepy or otherworldly, at least when it comes from me, rather a tarot reading is a very down-to-earth experience. I like to call tarot readings image-enhanced advice. But it's more than that. A tarot reading does not have the querent handing over their future to the reader. The reader simply interprets the ideas and images seen in the reading, hopefully in a way that the recipient can use as a launching pad for their own actions and instincts.


If there's one misconception I'd love to break--it's the idea that tarot is just a fixed 'fate' that you show to the person you're reading. In reality, tarot reading is a very friendly, dynamic interaction and everything is always up for interpretation and transformation.


If you're curious and this sounds fun and informative, then I'd love to read for you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Much Love,

Hannah/Magic Mentha